Welcome to the official website of the journal "Theology and Education at the Lower Danube"!

The journal "Theology and Education at the Lower Danube" is part of the Annals of "Lower Danube" University of Galati and represents the second "chair" through which the teaching staff of the Department of Orthodox Theology of the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology, together with guests who honor with their participation the international and national scientific symposiums organized annually by this Department in collaboration with the "Lower Danube" University and the Lower Danube Archdiocese make known their scientific research in the field of theology, and not only.

Although it is a theological magazine published relatively recently in the space of such publications in Romania, guests of high intellectual standing and great scientific prestige, both in the country and abroad, participants in the symposia organized by the Department of Theology over the years, give us the confidence that the studies they have sustained and which the Magazine has embraced on its pages, to which they join the members of the Department, give the Magasine a high scientific quality and respond to the modern scientific requirements, but also to the questions and queries raised by the challenges of the contemporary world.

Although the Magazine has not been indexed in any database so far, given the above and the new on-line format, we hope that in the shortest time we will also enjoy the scientific recognition of some specialized sites.